Otto Rudolf SCHATZ (1900 Wien – 1961 Wien)

Otto Rudolf Schatz, Austria (1900 Vienna -1961 Vienna)

Album containing 11 original watercolors 16-3/4” x 11” (42.5 cm x 28 cm) each

Executed: Prague, 1941


Well-known and well listed artist. The album was made by the artist himself. (Hand made covers.) Contains 12 sheets: 11 erotic watercolors and one sheet with author’s name, place, and year


Photos are not good enough, so we uploaded two pictures (AA & BB) for each watercolor to give a better idea about how it looks.

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Last sheet


Front cover    Front pastedown


Rear cover     Rear pastedown


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Please compare the quality of our works by Schatz with quality of his other works!


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