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Russian Studies: Information Service


We are happy to introduce a new service that can be helpful to people working in the field of Russian studies.


We provide information from Russian and Soviet periodicals.


Sources period: 100 years: from the middle of XIX Century to the middle of XX Century (approximately).


Subject: Practically any subject. The service was initially oriented on Russian culture (literature, art, music, architecture, etc.) but can be extended to any field like economy, politics, religion, etc.


Groups: We can offer the information in various groups:

on a single person or group (example: information on a certain artist or artistic group);

on an enterprise (example: a particular theater);

by location (certain events that took place in a certain place);

by time (certain events that occurs in various place during a certain period of time);



Format: As an example, please see a similar work on Meyerhold. At the present time we provide information in the form of photocopies on regular sheets of paper. (The Meyerhold work was done over 20 years ago when photocopying was not available in the Soviet Union. But the idea is pretty much the same).


Price: Typically price is $3 for a single piece of information. It might be a couple of lines or a huge feuilleton on many pages no difference in price.


Quantity: Some themes can be broad and bring hundreds or even thousands of results. Some may be narrow and bring very few of them. This depends on your interest and purpose, so you get all we find. Que sera, sera.

On the other hand, there is no obligation to purchase large quantity of records. You may order, let us say, a hundred of them and decide whether you wish to continue or this would be enough for your purpose.


Ordering: We take orders. Well, we have hundreds of themes already prepared. But you probably have you own field of interest... Why to offer you a package of 10,000 obituaries if you are interested just in your ancestors?


Deposit: Any order should be accompanied by deposit (1/3 of estimated total amount but not exceeding $300).


More information to follow. Please inquire about details.



Services Russian Art and Books