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Zelinsky K, Sel'vinsky I. (editors).
GOSPLAN LITERATURY. Collection of the Literature Section of Constructivists (LTsK). With Newspaper.
Moscow-Leningrad: Krug, [1925].

1st (and the only) edition. Text in Russian. SC. 9 x 7 in. 144pp. Book 'construction' by the authors. Constructivist cover by N. Kupreianov. 3000 copies only. Newspaper LTsK mentioned as supplement in the table of contents was included only into small number of copies. THIS IS THE COPY WITH NEWSPAPER. (A Catalogue of Russian Avant-Garde Books in the British Library 1912-1934, No. 132, 163a) [Zelinsky, Kornely (b. 1896): Soviet literature critic. Sel'vinsky, Ilia (1899-1968): Soviet writer, poet and play-writer. Both were founders of the literature constructivist group (LTsK). Kupreianov, Nikolai (1894-1933): Graphic artist, book illustrator. Member of "4 Arts" (with Kliun, Lissitzky); "OST". Exhibited in 1918 (Petrograd) with Popova, Puni (Pougny), Chagall, Exter; in 1919 (Petrograd) with Mayakovsky, Rozanova, Filonov; in 1922 (Berlin) with Arkhipenko, Gabo, Kandinsky, Malevich, Rodchenko, Tatlin, Exter, etc. - Cover of this book was reproduced in the book "Typographies et Photomontages Constructivistes en U. R. S. S."]

Item ID: 00580R


1st First edition Culture Art Literature Russian Russia Soviet Polygraphy Propaganda Radical Avant-garde Modernism Modern Constructivism Political 1920's Lissitzky Popova Puni Pougny Chagall Rozanova Arkhipenko Gabo Kandinsky Malevich Rodchenko Tat
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