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Bulgakov, Mikhail
MASTER I MARGARITA ("Master and Margarita") and other Books
Moscow, 1967, etc.

Author: Mikhail Afanas'evich Bulgakov (1891-1940). Texts in Russian.

1-2. Magazines MOSKVA ("Moscow") 1966 No. 11 and 1967 No. 1 (First publication of Master I Margarita).

3. Mikhail Bulgakov. MASTER I MARGARITA. Paris: YMCA-Press, 1967.

4. Mikhail Bulgakov. MASTER I MARGARITA. Frankfurt/M: Posev, 1969.

5. Mikhail Bulgakov. ROMANY ("Novels"). Leningrad: Kudozhestvennaya Literatura, 1973. Contains: Belaya Gvardiya ("White Guard"), Teatral'ny Roman ("The Theater Novel"), and Master I Margarita.

6. Mikhail Bulgakov. IZBRANNAYA PROZA ("Selected Prose"). Moscow: Kudozhestvennaya Literatura, 1966. Contains: Zapiski Yunogo Vracha (Memoirs of the Young Doctor"), Belaya Gvardiya ("White Guard"), Zhizn' Gospodina de Mol'era ("Life of Monsieur de Molier"), Teatral'ny Roman ("The Theater Novel").

7. Mikhail Bulgakov. DRAMY I KOMEDII ("Dramas and Comedies"). Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1965. (Plays).

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