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SOBRANIE VOSTOCHNYKH RUKOPISEI AKADEMII NAUK UZBEKSKOI SSR ("Collection of Eastern Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbek S.S.R."). [Annotated]. Vol. I - XI.
Tashkent: Academy of Sciences of Uzbek SSR / 'Fan".

First (and the only) edition. Text in Russian and (names, MS titles, etc.) in original languages: Arabian, Persian, etc. Cloth. 10-1/4 x 8-1/8. 1000 copies only. Illustrated with photographs of pages. Besides Mss. descriptions and annotations, the volumes contain the following indexes: a) Index of titles (Arabian letters); b) Index of titles (in Russian); c) Index of names of authors and copyists (Arabian letters); d) Index of names of authors, copyists and any other names and geographical names mentioned in Mss. (in Russian); e) Chronological Index (by date of writing); f) Chronological Index (date of copying); g) Index of special mss.; h) Index of correspondence between ms. Number and inventory number; i) list of drawings; j) Table of Contents; k) Errata. Vols. II - XI contain description of near 7,000 Mss. (from No. 744 to No. 7574). Vol. I. 1952. 440 pp. Vol. II. 1954. 590 pp. Vol. III. 1955. 555 pp. Vol. IV. 1957. 560 pp. Vol. V. 1960. 543 pp. Vol. VI. 1963. 738 pp. Vol. VII. 1964. 554 pp. Vol. VIII. 1967. 798 pp. Vol. IX. 1971. 600 pp. Vol. X. 1975. 706 pp. Vol. XI. 1987. 445 pp. BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. ISLAM. A. History of Religion [Islam]: 1. Islamic Hagiography including religious folklore (Prophets before Muhammad, Muhammad and His Descendants, Lives of Descendants of Muhammad, Imams). 2. Koran (Texts and translations of Koran, Tafsirs, Nasikh and Mansukh, Methodology of reading of Koran, Special properties of Koran, etc.). 3. Hadiths [Traditions of the Prophet] (Collections of Hadiths, Transmitters of Hadiths). B. Islamic Law and Jurisprudence [Shariat and Fikh] (including Biographies of the jurists). C. Moslem Theology: 1. Scholastic Theology. 2. Munajats, etc. 3. Other Theological works. D. Sufism (General issues, Biographies of the Sufis). E. Ismailism. F. Other. 1 Polemics. 2 Prayers. 3 Ritual. II. SCIENCES. A. Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology, Astronomical instruments, Astronomical tables, Calendars, Chemistry and Alchemy, Meteorology, Cosmography, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Physics). B. Medicine (General medicine, Compedia, Books of cures, Pharmacology, Materia Medica, Veterinary). C. Occult Sciences and Talismans (Cabbalistica, Magic, Spells, Divination [Fal], Sand divination [Raml], Magic numbers [Dzafr], Coincidences [Aufak, Vafk], Dream interpretations [Tabir nama], Physiognomy [Ilm al-Kiafat], Shoulder-blade divination [Shona], Talismans). D. History and Related sciences. 1. History (Universal history, History of the Middle Asia, History of India, History of Iran, History of Turkey, History of Eastern Turkestan, History of other countries, etc.). 2. Related Sciences (Biographies - Collections of biographies and Biographies of individuals, Memoirs and Travels, Documents [Deeds (?)], Epigraphy, Epistolary, Record keeping). E. Geography and Travels (Historical Geography, Travels descriptions, Regional geography [Study of Countries]). F. Philosophy and related sciences (General philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Politics, Rhetoric, Didactics, etc.). G. Philology and Theory of Literature (Theory of literature, Poetics, Grammar, Phonetics, Lexicography, Stylistics [Insha], Versification, Murasala, Epistolary works, Lexicography, etc.). III. Fiction and Folklore (Prose, Poetry, Folklore, Epic literature, Drama, Readers, Mu'ammas, Fairy Tales, Anecdotes, Anthologies [Bayazes], etc.). IV. Arts, Crafts, and Sports (Music, Calligraphy, Handicrafts, Sports, Military [War] science). V. Bibliography. VI. Correspondence. VII. Encyclopedias. VII. Miscellany. Etc.

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