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Chekhonin, Sudeikin, Annenkov, Kulbin, et al.) Evreinov, Nikolay
Group of 12 books by N. Evreinov. First Editions
St. Petersburg-Moscow, 1909-1924

Ten titles in twelve books. Author: Nikolai Yevreinov. Text in Russian.

1909 02404R VVEDENIYE V MONODRAMU ("Introduction to Monodrama"). Signed.

1912 02402R TEATR KAK TAKOVOY ("Theater as such").

1914 (15) 02401R PRO SCENA SUA.

1915-17 02403R TEATR DLIA SEBIA ("Theater for Oneself"). In three volumes.

1921 01354R CHTO TAKOYE TEATR ("What Is Theater"). A Book for Children.

1921 02397R PROISKHOZHDENIYE DRAMY ("The Origin of Drama: Primitive Tragedy and the Role of the Goat in the History of Its Rise").

1922 02399R TEATRALIZATSIYA ZHIZNI ("Adapting Theater for the life: A poet who does so").

1922 02400R TEATRAL'NYIE NOVATSII ("Theatrical Innovations").

1923 02398R O NOVOY MASKE ("On the New Mask. Autobiographical-Reconstructive").

1924 02396R TEATR U ZHIVOTNYKH ("Theater among the Animals: On the Biological Meaning of Theatricality").

Rare collection.

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Please note that aside of this collection we also have previously listed matching items: a signed copy of "Origin of Drama" and uniformly published "Book about Evreinov" by Vasily Kamensky.

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