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Galadzhev, Vialov, Yutkevich, Roslavetz, et al.) Editing Managers: E. Beskin, B. Kotsyn, M. Zagorsky
VESTNIK RABOTNIKOV ISKUSSTV ("Art Workers' Herald [Bulletin]"). 21 Issues
Moscow: Central Committee of the All-Russian Union of Workers of Arts, 1920-1926

1920-21: 1 (!), 2-3, 4-6; 1923: 5-6; 1924-25: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10; 1926: 5, 6, 7.

Text in Russian. Softcover and stapled wraps. Sizes (approximately): 11" x 8" (1), 10-1/2" x 7" (3), 13-3/4" x 10-1/2" (5), 12" x 9" (7). Mostly Avant-garde covers (Constructivism). Profusely illustrated with photo-montages, photographs, drawings, etc.

Editing Managers: Emmanuil Beskin, B. Kotsin, M. B. Zagorskiy.

Cover and design/decorations mostly by Petr Galadjev. Also (with logos) by Nikolay Pashkov (1) and Alexander Arnshtam (2).

Photo-montages mostly by Petr Galajev. Also by Konstantin Vyalov, et al.

Illustrations and montage by Petr Galadjev, Alexander Taldykin, Yuly Ganf, Vladimir Kozlinsky, et al.

Photographs: P. Otsup, Bransburg, et al.

Authors: Alexander Struve, Anatoly Lunacharsky, B. Kotsyn, Boris Arvatov, Emmanuil Beskin, Evgeny Braudo, G. Boltyansky, I. Traynin, Leonid Sabaneev, N. Khvoinik, N. Smirnov-Sokol'sky, Nikolai Lvov, Nikolay Bartram, Nikolay Roslavets, Petr Kogan, Samuil Margolin, Sergey Iutkevich, V. Bebutov, V. Yarotsky, Yu. Slavinsky, et al.

Advertisements - Aesthetics - Alexander Scriabin - Actors - AKhRR - Architecture - Art critique - Art exhibitions - Artists' workshops - Ballet - Biographies - Blue Blouse - Book review - Caucasus - Censorship - Children's theater - China - Chronicle - Cinema - Circus - Clubs - Comedy - Competitions - Composers - Congresses and conferences - Constructivism - Correspondence - Critique - Decorative art - Drama - Ensembles - Esperanto - Fine art - Foreign events - Hollywood - Humor - International exhibitions - Italy - Japanese theater - Jewish theater - Jubilees - Kamerny Theater and Alexander Tairov - Literature - Live newspaper - Vsevolod Meyerhold and his theater - Movie posters - Museums - Music - Narkompros - Obituaries - Operetta - Oriental art - Peasant art - Peasant theater - Physical education - Plays - Posters - Producers - Productive arts - Proletarian art - Proletkult - Propaganda - Prostitution - Provincial events - Puppet theater - Radio - Red Army - Nikolay Roslavets - Russian artists abroad - Satire - Stage - Students - Tatar theater - Theater - Tours - Ukrainian theater - Variety show - Vocalists - Writers - Youth - etc.

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