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Zimin, Grigory [Grigoriy, Grigori, Grigorii, Grigorij] (smt Georgy [Georgiy, Georgi, Georgii, Georgij]) Alexandrovich [Aleksandrovich] (1901-1985)

Sometimes listed as Georgy [Georgiy] Zimin. Well-known Soviet graphic artist and photographer. Lived in Moscow. Cubo-Futurism, Constructivism, circle of Rodchenko. Studied at VKhUTEMAS from prominent professors Boris Korolev and Anton Lavinsky.

Information on Zimin can be found in Evgeny Kovtun's book "Avangard Ostanovlennyi Na Begu" ("Avant-garde Stopped on Its Run", Leningrad, 1989) and other sources.

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In 1980's the Getty Center, known for its collections of Avant-garde materials such as the Lissitzky archive, Bauhaus works and others, acquired 78 works by Grigory Zimin.

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