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Balakirev [Balakiriev], Mily [Miliy, Mili, Milii, Milij] Alekseevich [Alekseyevich, Alekseievich, Alexeevich, Alexeyevich, Alexeievich] (1836-1910)

was Glinka's successor who further developed orchestral music by incorporating native Russian motifs. He is known for his piano composition Islamey, an exotic mixture of Eastern and Russian themes. Balakiriev's best contribution, however, was his organization of other young composers into a group called the Mighty Handful, or Big Five. These were composers who were to make Russian music famous throughout Europe. The group included, in addition to Balakiriev, the following five composers, all of whom were influenced particularly by the Slavophile idea that "music, like any other human language, must be inseparable from the people, from the soil of the people, from its historical development . . .": A. P. Borodin, N. A. Rimsky Korsakov, Modest Musorgsky and C. A. Cui

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