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Nivinsky [Nivinskiy, Nivinski, Nivinskii, Nivinskij], Ignaty [Ignatiy, Ignati, Ignatii, Ignatij] Ignatievich [Ignat'evich, Ignatyevich] (1881-1933)

Well-known Russian and Soviet graphic and theater artist. Posters, agitprop. "World of Art", "4 Arts", etc. Worked with A. Exter. Artist-in-chief of propaganda trains. Cubism, constructivism. Exhibited from 1913; in 1929 (New York) with Altman, Lissitzky, Tatlin; in 1930 (Berlin) with Malevich; in 1932 (Konigsberg) with Rodchenko, Stepanova; in 1929 (Amsterdam) with Klutsis, etc.

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Nivinsky Nivinski Nivinskii Nivinskiy Niwinski Niwinskij Ignaty Ignati Ignatiy Ignatii Ignatievich Ignat'evich Cubism Cubistic VKhUTEMAS Fine Art Design Moscow Culture Russian Russia Soviet Avant-garde Modernism Modern 1920's U.S.S.R. USSR Female Male Nude Graphics Drawing Drawings
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