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Dobuzhinsky [Dobuzhinski, Dobuzhinskiy, Dobuzhinskii, Dobuzhinskij, Dobuzinski, Doboujinsky Dobuschinski], Mstislav Valerianovich [Valer'anovich, Valeryanovich] (Mstislavas Dobuzinskis) (1875-1957)

Famous Russian and Lithuanian artist. Graphic artist, painter, theater artist. Studied in Munich. One of major artists of "World of Art". Emigrated in 1925. From 1939 lived in the United States. Exhibited in 1919 (Petrograd) with Altman, Boris Grigoriev, Roerich; in 1922 (Berlin) with Archipenko, Burliuk, Chagall, Gabo, Kliun, Klutsis, Lissitzky, Malevich, Puni (Pougny), Rozanova, Stepanova, Tatlin; in 1923 (Petrograd) with Chernikhov, Filonov, Larionov I.; in 1924 (New York) with Bakst, Chekhonin; in 1925 (Paris) with Annenkov, Kandinsky, Mayakovsky, Popova, Rodchenko, Stenberg, Stepanova, Ilia Zdanevich; in 1929 (Copenhagen) with Benois, Somoff; etc.

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