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Burliuk, D; Khlebnikov, V.; Kruchenykh, A.; O. Rozanova, B. Livshits, E. Guro, M. Matiushin, et al.
SOYUZ MOLODEZHI ("Union of Youth") Third Issue.
St. Petersburg: Soyuz Molodezhi (Union of Youth), 1913.
Third (and the last) issue. Text in Russian. Square (9-1/2 x 9-1/4) Card covers. Cover art and 11 beautiful Avant-garde illustrations by O. Rozanova and I. Shkolnik. Catalogue of "Union of Youth" publications. [Burliuk, David (1882-1967): Well-known Russian Avant-garde artist, one of the founders of Russian Futurism. Studied in Munich and Paris. Friend of Mayakovsky. One of the founders of "Knave of Diamonds". After Russian Revolution emigrated. Lived in the United States. Exhibited on futurist exhibitions; after 1917: in 1922 (Berlin) with Exter, Filonov, Gabo, Kandinsky, Popova, Puni (Pougny), Rodchenko, Rozanova, Tatlin; in 1932 (Philadelphia) with Archipenko, Chagall, Goncharova, Larionov, Lissitzky, Malevich, Tzadkin, etc. - Kruchenykh, Alexei (1886-1968): The famous Russian writer, one of the founders of Russian Futurism. - Matiushin, Mikhail (1861-1934): Painter, musician, theorist in music and color. Head of one of three major schools of Russian Avant-garde in St. Petersburg-Leningrad. - Matiushin'a article contains quotations from Petr Ouspensky's "Tertium Organum". Avant-garde collection.].


Kliun, Kruchenykh) Burliuk, D., et al.
BUKA RUSSKOY LITERATURY ("The Bogeyman of Russian Literature"). First Edition.
Moscow: 41, 1923.
Text in Russian. Collection of articles by S. Tretyakov, D. Burliuk, T. Tolstaya & S. Rafalovich on Aleksey Kruchenykh. Cover by Natalia Nagorskaya, illuminations by Ivan Kliun. With one original watercolor by I. Kliun. This copy belonged to an editor E. Povolotskaya (Plakat IZOGIZ, 1930's). Fragile condition but one of a kind copy.

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Copies of this book were systematically withdrawn from libraries and bookshops and destroyed by the order of Soviet government. ("List 13 of Obsolete Books Not to Be Used in Libraries and Book Trading Network" page 5.)


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