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Klutsis, Sen'kin, Konenkov) Tretyakov, Bely, Arvatov, Tarabukin, et al.
GORN ("Furnace"). Literary-Artistic and Social-Scientific Magazine. Nos. 1- 8
Moscow: All-Russian and Moscow Proletkul't, 1918-1923

8 of 9 issues published in all.

Text in Russian. Softcovers. Approx. from 100 to 300 pp. in each book. 4000-5000 copies only (early ones might be in smaller editions). No. 7 in fragile condition but completely serviceable.

Covers by Gustav Klutsis and other artists.
Logo by Sergei Senkin (no. 8).

Authors: Aleksei Sidorov, Alexander Fevral'sky, Anatoly Lunacharsky, Andrei Bely, Boris Arvatov, Boris Kushner, Dmitry Vasiliev-Buglai, Emmanuil Beskin, Ippolit Sokolov, Mikhail Chekhov, Nikolai Tarabukin, Nikolay Chuzhak, Semen Rodov, Sergei Tretiakov, Sergey Obradovich, Valerian Pletnev, Victor Pertsov, et al.

Art critique - Bibliography - Caricatures - Chronicle - Cinema - Culture - Fascism - Labor organization - Literary critique - Magazine review - Music - Painting - Poetry - Productive arts - Propaganda - Prose - Revolution - Satire - Science - Theater - etc.

British Library Cat. No. 131.

Compton-2 (see p. 51),
"107 Remarkable..." (item 22), and other sources.

Copies of this magazine were systematically withdrawn from libraries and bookshops and destroyed by the order of Soviet government. ("Collated List of Books to Be Withdrawn from Libraries and Book Trading Network" page 85.)

Very Rare. Not in MOMA. Not in British Library.

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